Go with a clean and green alternative!

Our vent-less gas log inserts replace wood burning fireplaces. Our logs are 99.9% efficient in heating your home – burning wood is only 10-30% efficient! Most of your fuel costs go right up the chimney! New models feature very realistic flames complete with glowing “embers.”

Are you tired of buying, stacking and hauling firewood?

Are you looking for a greener alternative?

Are you looking to reduce your energy costs?

We sell fireplace logs, fireboxes and beautiful mantels. Our logs can be inserted into existing fireplaces or added to new construction. Remote control operation is even available!

Empire Comfort Systems has been manufacturing safe, reliable heating systems for more than 70 years. Over 17 million Americans have installed gas logs or space heaters – they are a safe alternative to burning wood. Stop in our showroom to see how beautiful these products are.

Please click on the FAQ below for information on how much you can save in energy costs by installing clean, energy efficient gas logs

We also sell vented gas logs!  Vented gas logs are not as energy efficient as vent-less logs but the flames look very, very close to wood burning logs.  (Vent-less are 99.9% energy efficient, vented logs are about the same as wood – 10% to 30% efficient.)  The natural gas can be burnt a little “dirtier” since the carbon monoxide can be vented up the chimney just like wood burning logs resulting in a bigger variation in flame colors.  Vented logs offer the convenience of gas logs – no more buying, stacking and hauling firewood, no more worries about termites or debris in your home.  Remote control is available for the ultimate in convenience.

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